Data Framework

Data Framework

1. Fireblocks

Fireblocks is a digital assets infrastructure provider that protects digital assets in transit. It focuses on safeguarding the transmission of customers' digital assets between exchanges, counter brokers, hot wallets, and cold stores of products and services. The technology consists of the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure.

2. Data Management, Storage, and Protection

The group is partnered with the renowned Amazon Web Services (AWS) for platform hosting that enables scaling up readiness with minimal teething issues over LYOPAY group's frequent application launches and upgrades, and transaction handling capacity from server when it’s imperative that transaction capability and success rate are on par with global users’ signup and usage demand spikes.
Additionally, the LYOPAY ecosystem has its production data centers hosted in the US-based Dallas Data Center. The physically secured centers located within a business hub are powered by an uninterrupted, generator-backed power supply located in a region at low risk for natural disasters. The location boasts high bandwidth and superior network speed; robust HVAC over-cooling and anti-humidity controls; elevated fire and smoke suppression; and frequent maintenance to ensure peak transaction handling capacity.
Much as the above covers facility management in terms of performance and capacity, the same attention is paid to access security, with surveillance tech monitoring on-site access and IAM protocols embedded under BAU employee practices securing against unpermitted, trespassed, and backdoor off-site access. Further, fortnight reviews of internal data practices and awareness sessions on stealing access and phishing attempts are undertaken company-wide, followed by procedures and trainings.

3. Licensing

The LYOPAY project has a unique and distinctive approach toward its expansion of services and business activities. We seek to conduct diligent market and legal research in numerous jurisdictions in order to understand the jurisdictional appetite, scope of legislation, and extent of regulations for Digital Asset businesses. We consistently strive to obtain the adequate financial and digital asset licenses needed for different licensing activities in the interest of grounding our operations in a regulated and compliant framework.