Compliance Technologies

Compliance Technologies

1. Sumsub

KYC provider Sumsub uses artificial intelligence-powered solutions to automatically manage identity verification, fraud prevention, implementation of KYC solutions, AML screening, and customer data storage to protect and enable regulated online business.
Sumsub—the sole KYC provider to the VASP—is a multifaceted tool with the ability to collect users' video identification and exercise fraud prevention workflows. Sumsub enables the VASP to gain access to a wide variety of functions.

2. Chainalysis INC

Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence with an easy-to-use interface and real-time API. It assists firms by reducing manual workflows, maintaining compliance with local and global regulations, and securely interacting with developing technologies.
Chainalysis KYT performs continuous transaction monitoring of all cryptocurrency assets. It is capable of detecting patterns of high-risk activity; preventing transactions with addresses identified on OFAC’s sanction list; freezing deposits from hacks or ransomware; screening ETH accounts; and more. Real-time alerts may be configured based on an organization’s particular AML policies.

3. Huntli

Huntli is a transaction monitoring tool that assists in the fight against financial fraud and helps keep its users in check. Huntli performs real-time monitoring and screening of users; prompts a risk score for users and their in-process transactions; and provides analytics of the monitoring being performed.