SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • 100,000+ verified customers
  • $620 million ecosystem volume
  • Ten current projects and growing
  • Integration of SEPA, IBAN, PIX, and similar banking payment rails
  • Reputation for being easy-to-use with a simple interface
  • Enacted with strong AML/KYC procedures
  • Team of 300 expert-level crypto & FinTech professionals
  • Strong compliance
  • USD 85 million monthly volume


  • Parallel (rather than sequential) application launches under tight time-frame to enable live ecosystem status. Prioritizing ecosystem launch over app-by-app launch may delay upcoming sprint feature additions
  • Brand presence not identified to any region of origin
  • Dependence from liquidity providers
  • Lack of mass media brand presence


  • Potential for partnerships and projects involving widespread reputation of NFT and Metaverse
  • Blockchain integration with other more real-life cases, global industries like Health, Travel, Finance, etc.
  • Key issue of mass crypto adoption—huge market for user conversion to crypto


  • Habitual use of traditional players despite disadvantages
  • Persistent attempted hacker attacks—wallet attacks, smart contract hacks, etc.
  • Government bans of crypto usage, high tax on crypto revenue
  • Fiat currency interest rate spikes prompting user exploitation through buying, selling, trading, and other financial practices, impacting crypto valuations and market conditions
  • Human errors compromising user experience
  • High cryptocurrency volatility
  • Opposition of traditional finance to crypto service providers and end-users