LYOPAY White Paper
Project Concept

Project Concept

LYOPAY is a FinTech organization managed by DIGILYO APP LIMITED. The project intends to create a financial technology ecosystem of services through different platforms which connect users with technological tools in an intuitive and simple manner.
LYOPAY aims to:
  • Promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing easy access for newcomers to the sector
  • Bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and its traditional counterpart
  • Build a long-term project in compliance with all legal restrictions and national and international regulations
To expedite its global expansion, the project offers a number of services from a range of financial partners across multiple countries. For LYOPAY, it is essential to achieve global coverage and give people all over the world cryptocurrency payment services. These services extend into several categories: crypto exchange, a payment gateway for business, a neobank, travel booking, and more.
LYOPAY is categorized as an ecosystem: the project provides a wide range of applications that are enabled by partnerships with multiple services providers. The applications function in diverse use cases and cater to several categories of users (institutions, enterprises, merchants, personal users) .
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