LYOPAY White Paper


The LYOPAY project was founded in July 2020 and released its first product to the public, the LYOPAY mobile application, in September 2020.
The app was promoted to a crypto community by initially expanding in Europe and achieved 41,000 customers in its first year of activity. It reached an average of USD one million in daily volume.
The second platform introduced was LYOTRADE, followed by LYOTRAVEL and LYOFi. As of July 2022, the project has connected more than 110,000 customers with an average daily volume in the ecosystem of 125 million USD.

Users Forecast

Our team of analysts and business development managers have created a series of predicted customer numbers based on available and upcoming LYOPAY products.* Sector-related variables have been taken into consideration.
Users Number
1 million
2.5 million
5 million
10 million
*Buyer may be in possession of certain plans, projections, and alternate forecasts regarding the Business. Buyer acknowledges the existence of substantial uncertainties inherent in attempting to make such plans, projections, and alternate forecasts and accordingly is not relying on them, and Buyer shall have no claim against anyone with respect thereto.
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Users Forecast