Ambassador Program

Crypto enthusiasts who share a common goal with LYOPAY—the mass adoption of cryptocurrency—are invited to join the Ambassador Program. Here, candidates will be taught about the LYO Ecosystem, its services, and how they work. This includes LYOPAY's vision, mission, and plans for the future. Plus, a candidate will be selected as a brand ambassador!

Brand Ambassador

LYOPAY is building an Ambassador Program. In this program, LYOPAY will select one brand ambassador to be assigned to a specific country and serve as LYOPAY's representative. The brand ambassador will be required to understand the ecosystem inside and out. They will host events, forums, and seminars to educate people about the power of cryptocurrency, to guide them as they enter the crypto world, and to inform them of the value of the LYOPAY products.

Blockchain World Academy

LYOPAY is an official partner of Blockchain World Academy, a non-profit organization providing training and education to those interested in learning about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This partnership aims to achieve the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, anticipating a world in which digital assets become fully accepted by shops and businesses and are used worldwide as a common means of payment.